Web Design

We are leading specialists in care home website design. Our care home websites are designed to be fully responsive, which means that they change shape according to the size of the screen on which they’re viewed. They also react differently depending on the device too. It’s essential in the care marketplace to be clear, concise and easily viewable. We understand though that our clients all have different challenges and we are used to creating different websites for different types of care.

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Marketing Support

Marketing support for a care home is essential and we act for our clients in a way that suits them. A majority of our clients use us on a long-term basis and as an 'external marketing department'. Some of our clients prefer a more ad hoc relationship and will contact us as and when they need something creating. The most important facet of marketing a care home is that you have clear messages that are being communicated to the right people in a language they understand. From advertising campaigns to direct mailing, posters and flyers, we can help and advise.

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Care home brochure design is very important to our clients. A few years ago there was a tendency to assume printed brochures would all but disappear in favour of ‘cheaper’ and ‘easily available’ online and digital versions. This assumption couldn’t be further from the reality, and with the growth in the number of new, competing care homes, the design and production of care brochures has been brought sharply into focus for us. We will help you create a brochure for your care home which reflects your home’s values and appeals to your customers.

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Images of care homes are the most important aspect of anything we, or any other marketing department might use. We always strongly suggest that a care home builds a library of its own photos and videos in order to convey the real feel of their home. From having our own photographic professionals take images, to the home using its own pictures, we will show you how to collect all the best images from your home’s activity, and to rely less upon clichéd and dated stock photography.

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Branding & Rebranding

When designing branding for a care home, we take care to interpret the home’s personality into the brand – the colours, shapes and typefaces are all hugely important in conveying your services to a potential resident. We can help you ascertain what works and what doesn’t, depending on your location, or the type of care your business offers. Whether you are a care group with a parent brand, or whether you have a portfolio of individually branded homes, we can help you get the most from your care brand.

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Signage - Internal and External

Care Home signage is the first point of contact with any resident, and regardless of budget it is essential to have it properly designed so that it is legible, attractive and appropriate for its wider environment and surroundings. There are hundreds of different options too, and we can advise upon and produce. On site materials range from care home goody bags to the staff badges and even the welcome mat for the front door. We believe so much in the importance of your clients’ and their relatives’ first impressions of a care home – at its best it informs a new client’s decision and makes the existing residents feel good about where they live. At its worst it doesn’t even get noticed. Speak to us for advice on your existing signage, information about a refresh, and also if you want to start from scratch.

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Clear & Concise website Design

Website design trends and constrictions change frequently, simply because of fashion, or because of the way the end user looks at the website. The major search engines also determine how sites are built too; by developing the algorithms they use for trawling data they directly affect how we build client websites. The most recent example of this was the introduction of a new system of ranking by Google, who will now rank sites lower in search results if the site doesn’t also have a mobile version. Therefore, everything we design now is what is known as a 'responsive template'. This simply means that the website 'responds' to the format of the screen on which the viewer is reading, and therefore means that the site will be ranked as high as possible on Google. Whatever questions you have about your new care home website, we'll be only too happy to answer.

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