Why Use Marketing For Care Homes?

As our name would suggest, we specialise in marketing and design for care homes in the UK, enabling them to communicate with clients, helping to build a lasting relationship with their local community and to identify their place within the market.

It came about from our existing design agency, Shuttlefish Creative when, in 2012 we did work for clients who then passed on our details as satisfied customers to other homes within the sector. Before long we had amassed so much experience of visiting care homes, understanding the pressures of the industry and the marketing hurdles that we decided to create a specialist company which deals directly with and wholly for the care home industry.

Our offices and studio are a barn within the beautiful Alscot Estate in rural Warwickshire. The Estate features farms, businesses, a village, a post office and a wonderful pub/resturant/hotel. We are perfectly centred in the country with clients across the UK accessible in a few hours.

From Our Directors

The best sales force a care home can have is a group of satisfied individuals - residents and staff. Consolidating your brand and what it means is a crucial part of this. A care home must target the right part of the market and making sure the relevant people hear the message in a way which is relevant to them.

We work with care home operators to build a strong brand and to generate a dialogue between the home and its local market from day one.

thumb Tom Threadgill
Creative Director

We decided in 2011 to specialise in the care industry after a number of very successful projects throughout the south east of England and soon discovered that the knowledge of the industry we had accumulated was in great demand. We are delighted with the results and look forward to our continued greater involvement in such a rapidly changing and dynamic sector over the coming years.

thumb John Roberts
Project Manager

A Few Facts about Elderly Care *


The number of 'very elderly' (over 85) is predicted to double in size, from 1.49 million in 2012 to 3.48 million in 2035


In spite of the relatively unpleasant nature of the topic, a relatively large proportion of the population of UK over-45s have at least given some thought to how they might pay for long-term care.


Long-term care in old age is a topic most people would prefer to avoid for as long as possible. While the likelihood that an individual has thought about how they might pay for long-term care does rise with age, more than a third (35%) of over-75s say they have not given the subject any thought at all.

* Source: Mintel